Boss Blues
Seattle, Washington
1966 - 1969


Brian Glenn ~ Bass Trumpet, Vocals
Chris Glenn ~ Drums
Joel Johnson ~ Electric Piano, Vocals
Bill Osterhout ~ Guitar
Gary Osterhout ~ Bass
Lloyd Smith ~ Bass
Mike Van Wolvelaer ~ Guitar

We used to play at the Door in downtown Seattle along with a diverse list of acts including The Daily Flash, and Danny Kay.

My favorite memory of the Door occurred on a Sunday while we were rehearsing in the club.  My girl friend and my sister decided to open the door and charge whatever the market would bear.  Everything was cool until my girlfriend asked me if it was normal for the espresso machine's pressure gauge to read so high that it was off the chart.  Did I mention that we were seventeen?  Yes we shut it down and averted a disaster.  It is a wonder we are still alive.

Brian Glenn, August 2007

In 1966 and 1967 The Boss Blues played Thursday through Saturdays every other week at the Door.  The Boss Blues (check PNB Bands) were a six piece rock band with members from Lincoln High School, Ballard High School and the University of Washington.

Deborah Parma, March 2015

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Last Update:  15 March 2015
Credits:  Joel Johnson,  Brian Glenn, Deborah Parma
Band # 884