John Bell, Ed Ericson & Tommy Kuzsel
Boyz of Summer
Vancouver, British Columbia
2003 - Present


John Bell ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ed Ericson ~ Keyboard, Vocals
Allen James ~ Guitar, Harp, Vocals
Tommy Kuzsel ~ Guitar, Harp, Vocals
Jauque Legere ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jerry McKay ~ Drums
Steve Menice ~ Bass, Vocals

This group of musicians have a wide variety of musical talents.  Playing music from the 60's to modern day...  Styles from Classic Rock, Folk, Blues, & Celtic.

When playing together this group is known as "The Boyz of Summer".  What is fun about this band is they have
a few different front members who each play acoustic and sing.  With each member having singing abilities, harmonies are a strong point.

Gerry Berg, December 2005

Steve, John, Ed, & Allen at the Granville Island Brew Pub

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Last Update: 30 December 2005
Credits:  Gerry Berg
 Band # 1853