Brahman - Photo courtesy of Carol at David
Vancouver, British Columbia
1971 - 1972


Paul Blaney ~ Bass
Robbie King ~ Organ
David Lanz ~ Piano
Duris Maxwell ~ Drums
Ian McKay ~ Mime
Ed Patterson ~ Guitar
Victor Stewart ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Robbie King
D:  17 October 2003 - Age:  57

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Build A Tower

She Went Down

Blues for Robie

Blues for Robbie... A musical tribute to my dear departed friend and musical brother,
a founding member of Brahman, Robie King.   -  David Lanz

Brahman - Photo courtesy of Carol at David

Image Courtesy of Dick Whetstone

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Last Update:   29 May 2011
Credits: Duris Maxwell, David Lanz, Carole Martin, Dick Whetstone

Band # 1577