Brain Damage
Vancouver, British Columbia
1972 - 2006


Joel Bert ~ Congas, Percussion
Gary Cramer ~ Guitar, Vocals
Helen Davis ~ Vocals
Dave Engleman ~ Bass
Bing Jensen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Larry "Lunchpail" McGillivray ~ Drums, Vocals

Dave Robertson ~ Manager

In Memory of

Joel Bert
Gary Cramer
Dave Robertson (d:  29 January 2015

I joined Brain Damage in 1972 as their 'new' drummer.  Brain Damage consisted of Gary Cramer, vocals, guitar, Bing Jensen, vocals, guitar, Dave Engleman, bass, Joel Bert, congas and percussion, and Larry (Lunchpail) McGillivray on drums and vocals. Helen Davis sang with us sometimes. Bing and Dave came to BC from San Jose and Joel came from Brooklyn via Berkeley, California.

They came up to Nelson as part of a wave of people from California, who were called draft dodgers, although most of them weren't dodging the draft, they were just getting away from the wierdness of the U.S. at that time.

In the early days Brain Damage was a 'family band' and were also known as the Flying Hearts Family.  We lived on 'Chemical Row" in Vancouver, next door to the CoolAid house, which helped broke people with a bed and some food.

Brain Damage was together from this time, on and off, until 2006 as two of the members, Joel and Gary had recently passed on.

There is a live recording of most of the best stuff, called "Live at Winlaw Hall", available through me at vancouvereal @

Other early bands I played with includes Cam Molloy and the Molloy Gang, The Impostors, Doug and the Slugs, Blue Northern and One Man's Family, featuring Nigel Pickering (of Spanky and Our Gang out of LA).

Larry (lunchpail) McGillivray, Vancouver, BC, July 2007.

Brain Damage with guest drummer Trevor Salloum, Notre Dame University, Nelson, BC, 1974

Bing and Gary



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Last Update:  29 January 2015
Credits:   Dave Robertson, Larry McGillivray, Hugh Davies, Trevor Salloum
Band #  2183