Ballard, Washington
1979 - 1980


Leslee (Penta) Swanson ~ Vocals
Chris Juel ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kurt Svassand ~ Guitar
Warren Henrickson ~ Bass
Richard Stuverud ~Drums

"Brande" was a young band who played gigs in 1979-80.  Though they were young and played less than 50 shows, they did produce a line-up that went on to bigger things. It was Richard (Dickey) Stuverud's first band as well as Leslee (Penta) Swanson.

Three of the members recently reunited for the first time in 27 years.  Richard who most recently was on the Rascal Flatts tour in his opening act's band, and who also plays with 3 Fish, a line-up that includes Jeff Ament, was in town from Philadelphia.  Kurt who recently recorded with members of The Presidents of the United States was there, and myself Warren Henrickson, who works as a church music director, and has worked over the years in various bands, including work with former Elton John guitarist Caleb Quaye.

Warren Henrickson, June 2007

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Credits:   Warren Henrickson
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