Breadline - Photo courtesy of Rick Star
Bobby Holland and the Breadline -McLaughlin, Porter, Holland, Star
Bobby Holland and The Breadline
AKA:  Bobby Holland and Breadline Blues
AKA:  Breadline Blues
Seattle, Washington
Early 1990's - ?


Dan Gorgas ~ Harmonica
Myra Harris ~ Vocals
Bobby Holland ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Lampson ~ Drums
Doug Liliman ~ Guitar
Jerry Martin ~ Harmonica
Greg Mauser ~ Bass
Christopher McCray ~ Drums
Jim McLaughlin ~ Harmonica, Vocals
Gary Porter ~ Drums, Vocals
John Rockwell ~ Drums
Wade Sickler ~ Guitar
Rick Star ~ Bass, Vocals

Breadline Blues - Photo courtesy of Rick Star
Breadline Blues: Holland, Gorgas, Star, Rockwell

Breadline Blues began in the early nineties with the original lineup of Sickler, Harris, Gorgas, Lampson and Mauser.  Sickler was replaced by Liliman on guitar.  In 1997, Holland and Star replaced Liliman and Mauser and Harris left.  Rockwell replaced Lampson in '99 with Porter replacing Rockwell in 2003.  McLaughlin replaced Gorgas in 2002.  McCray and Martin were occasional subs.  The band became Bobby Holland and the Breadline in 2003 and released the CD's Hittin the Skids in 2003 and Onward to Oblivion in 2004.

Breadline  Cover art Onward to Oblivion  Courtesy of Rick Star

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:   Walrus Brothers, Hotel TexasCC & Co., Sweet Talkin' Jones, The Rockets, and many other Northwest bands.

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Credits:  Rick Star
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