The Breakaways - Photo Courtesy of Paul Wick
The Breakaways
AKA:  The Marauders
Bellevue, Washington
1963 - 1964


Peter Ehrlichman ~ Electric Piano
Skip Greenwood ~ Guitar
Randy Lucas ~ Drums
Mark Patterson ~ Tenor Saxophone
Paul Wick ~ Bass

The Breakaways... Bellevue, Wash. Jan. '63 -- September '64

Band was known as The Marauders for only the first gig. The name was taken and in use by another band using the name "The Marauders" already.

The Breakaways played for house parties, junior and high school dances, a frat party at PLU, street dances, church-sponsored and country club teen dances, and promotional events such as at the Sunset Drive-In Theater.  The setlist was 75% Wailers' tunes, with Frantics, Viceroys, Dynamics, and Booker T. & the MGs rounding out some of the rest.

Paul Wick, May 2005


This event was August 27, 1963.  We were 7th graders, going into 8th grade, playing here for high schoolers.  We were paid $25 for the gig, a crisp $5 bill handed to each of us when we packed up.  For you gearheads, the bass is a Kay (awful) playing through a Teisco amp head and a 6x8" (!) speaker cabinet. (buzzy)  The Wurlitzer electric piano is a Model 145 (all tube) and is being played through a Kay 2x8" guitar amp.  The guitar is an Alamo semi-strat copy (very interesting company in Texas) and the amp is a 1x12" Gibson, with reverb / tremelo.  The drums are Gretsch, but obscured in the photo.  The tenor sax is vintage Selmer. First class.

Overlake Golf & Country Club is located in Medina, and today is essentially across Lake Washington Blvd from some very wealthy people such as Bill Gates.  It wasn't so shabby back then either.

Paul Wick, April 2006

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Last Update: 22 April 2006
Credits: Paul Wick, Dave Lucas

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