A Band With Pacific Northwest Ties

Whit, Larry, Frank and Sammy - RockStock 2002
The Breaks
Kennesaw, Georgia
1998 - 2014


Larry "Sticks" Aquilino ~ Drums
*Sammy "Swede" Carlson ~ Bass, Vocals
*Whit "Three Notes" Gardner ~ Guitar, Vocals
*Frank "The Furter" Moncrief ~ Guitar, Harp, Vocals


*Neil "Schroeder" Davies ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Beatrice "Lou" Eller ~ Drums, Vocals
*Steve "Buttboy" Osterholtz ~ Drums, Vocals
Julia Warnes-Slutz ~ Vocals
Lane Whitfield ~ Bass

Original Member

The Breaks was our web slave's band in Georgia.  Ya sure, it's not a PNW Band, but he pays the bills for this website, and he is with a NW band (The Regents), so we will forgive him for this one little detour out of the Pacific Northwest.
Image modifications - Ronnie BanksThe Breaks started out in the Summer of '98 when Whit, Frank and Sammy got together after a Weekend Warrior event at the Atlanta Sports Bar.  The first name for the band was "Sam I Am".  Things just went downhill from there.

We added a female drummer who stayed with us for a short while, then brought in Steve Osterholtz to replace her.  We don't recall her name but Sammy smiles every time he thinks of her.  Shortly after that, Neil "Schroeder" joined us on keys.  Not long after overcoming the language barrier between Neil and the rest of the band (coming from Blackpool, England, Neil speaks the "Queen's English), Lou Eller came in on drums to replace Steve who relocated to North Carolina.  Larry "Sticks" replaced Lou in the Summer of 2001.

They say that it is okay for a band to go through a thousand drummers, but when you are on your third bass player, it is time to break up.  Sammy had been our only bass player, until he was called out of a lengthy retirement from the US Army to serve again between 2005 and 2010, including two deployments to Afghanistan.  The Breaks were only on their second bass player, so it looks like we will be around for a while longer... especially since the original bass player, Sammy, is back with the guys.

The Breaks is a classic rock band that plays just about anything that will make people tap their toes and get up and dance.   For bookings, write to The Breaks

Sammy, Neil, Frank, Steve and Whit - Atlanta Stadium

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The Breaks Sound Clips

867-5309 (Jenny)
Born to be Wild
Can't You See
Chitlins con Carne
Fire Escape
Honkey Tonk Women
Losing My Religion
Miss You
Stuck in the Middle
Twilight Zone
You Don't Know Me

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Hot Stuff

Black Velvet

I Need You Now

Come To My Window

Practice in the Basement

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Last Update:   4 April 2015
Credits: Sam Carlson, Ronnie Banks, Julia Warnes-Slutz, Larry Aquilino

Band # 1040