Breeze - Photo courtesy of Doc Van Etten
(Later Known as Renegade)
Redmond, Washington
1978 - 1980


Bob Colasurdo ~ Guitar, Vocals
Doc Van Etten ~ Drums, Vocals
Chris Gerguson ~ Bass
Dave Gressel ~ Guitar, Vocals

Breeze - Photo courtesy of Doc Van Etten

Breeze was formed in 1978 by Dave Gressel, Bob Colasurdo, Chris Ferguson and Doc Van Etten.  All the guys were writers so one day over beers in their a Redmond bar they all decided to form a group to play their original songs.  They did and it was fun!

The fun lasted two years and then Breeze became the Renegade.  The party had just begun!

Doc Van Etten, March 2006

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Last Update: 1 April 2006
Credits: Doc Van Etten
Band # 1930