Broomtown Band - Photo courtesy of Brian Wright
Pete Long, Brian Servigny, Yogi, Steve Simpson, Brian Wright, Jim SInclair
Broomtown Band
Victoria, British Columbia
1964 - 1967


Willie Clarke ~ Trombone
Ken Collins ~ Drums
Ted Kerr ~ Trumpet
Pete Long ~ Saxophone
Brian Servigny ~ Guitar
Jim Sinclair ~ Lead Guitar
Steve Simpson ~ Bass
Chris Tyrrell ~ Rhythm Guitar
Brian Wright ~ Vocals
Bruce Wright ~ Drums, Vocals
Bob "Yogi" Stuart ~ Drums

In Memory of

Bruce Wright

Brian Wright, Jim Sinclair, Pete Long
Brian Servigny, Yogi, Steve Simpson

The Broom Town Band was formed in Sidney, BC in 1964 with an initial lineup of Jim Sinclair and Chris Tyrrell on guitar, Steve Simpson on bass, Ken Collins on drums and Brian Wright on vocals. All of the members were still high school students at that time. Soon after, Bruce Wright joined his brother on vocals, eventually moving to drums and vocals following the departure of Collins, and, also being a couple of years older and well experienced, took over the de facto leadership of the group.

For a short while, trumpeter Ted Kerr and trombonist Willie Clarke were in the band  During their stay, the group was one of the finalists in the BC Battle of the Bands in Vancouver.  Tyrrell also left the band and, soon after, was replaced by sax player Pete Long, formerly of Nanaimo's Chancellers.

When Bruce Wright left the band to join Gulliver's Travels, the group sadly ground to a halt.  Bruce eventually joined the Oregon based Christian Rock band Servant, with which he recorded a number of successful albums prior to his death from cancer in the late 90s. Simpson became a successful producer in the advertising world, and the rest of the band left the professional music world behind after they graduated from high school.

Greg Simpson, April 2003

Broomtown Band - Photo courtesy of Brian Wright

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Credits:  Steve Simpson, Greg Simpson, Brian Wright

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