The Buckaroos - Courtesy of Corky Bennett
The Buckaroos - Photo Courtesy of Corky Bennett
The Buckaroos
Seattle, Washington
1954 - 1957


Corky Bennett ~ Accordion
Mike Blais ~ Bass
Pat Blais ~ Guitar
Duncan Brannon ~ Drums
John Chaney ~ Steel Guitar
Michelle Donaldson ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Wayne Scott ~ Rhythm Guitar

Hi, my name is Corky Bennett and I reside in Reno, NV.  In the years from 1954 - 1957, I was a member of a Seattle country band called the Buckaroos.  We entered every talent show there was in those days and won them all.  We beat out bands like the Four Frantics and every other Puget Sound band.  I played the accordion in the band.  We were sponsored by the Blackstone School of Music on Roosevelt Way, did hundreds of shows and appeared on Pacific Northwest TV many times.

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Corky Bennett, May 2010

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Credits: Corky Bennett

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