Brutus & The Bullies at McMicken Heights Community Club in 1966
Rowland, George, Greg, Rick and Brian
Photo:  Jack Brow
Brutus & The Bullies
Seattle, Washington
1965 - 1967


John Agostino ~ Drums
Rowland Brasch ~ Organ, Vocals
George Bryant ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Greg DeMers ~ Drums
John Hamilton ~ Guitar
"Hawaiian Guy" ~ Guitar
Randy Johnson ~ Guitar
John "Brutus" Kennedy ~ Drums*
Tony Tito ~ Guitar*
Brian Williamson ~ Bass
Rick Wright ~ Guitar

Mike Cowles ~ Roadie

*Founding Members

In Memory of

Rick Wright   D: January 2008

Tony Tito and John Kennedy invited George Bryant and Rowland Brasch to form a band in the spring of 1965.  The band practiced through the summer and then collapsed the afternoon of their first gig in September.  Greg DeMers, Brian Williams and the Hawaiian Guy (who played the guitar behind his back) were quickly recruited to replace Tony and John and to play the gig - a battle of the bands for the opening of the new Music City store in Burien.  Rick Wright soon replaced the Hawaiian Guy and the lineup remained stable until Greg moved back to California.   John joined to play drums.  Brutus and The Bullies played at dances all around the south end throughout 1966.  The band recorded a demo at some studio in Tacoma (maybe Audio Recording - I can't remember).  There is at least one copy still in existence.  The band decided to pack it in during the winter of 1967.

George Bryant, March 2002

Four of the classic Bullies lineup got together for a reunion at the Keg in Burien last August ('03).  Rowland, Brian, Rick and George had a great time catching up after not seeing each other for over thirty years. (See Photo) Greg missed it but promises to make the next one.  Maybe we'll get the instruments out next time.  Greg has more vintage photos that he has promised to send.

George Bryant, September 2003 

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Last Update:  4 April 2011
Credits: George Bryant, Rowland Brasch, Sue Marvin, John Hamilton
Band # 732