Northwest Dance & Music Venues

The Bummer
aka: Pat O'Day's North
238th and Highway 99
Edmonds, Washington

Some of the bands that this place during those great years of NW music were:

City Zu
The Classics
Double Image
Emergency Exit
Every Mother's Son
George Washington and the Cherry Bombs
Don & The Goodtimes
International Brick
The Liverpool Five
Magical Freeway
Moby Grape
Music Machine
The Pied Pipers
The Seeds
The Turtles


The Bummer was a short-lived club back in the Spring and Summer of 68’ that was created by Blaise, who also ran The Trolley.  It was located on the corner of 238th and Highway 99, dividing the Edmonds Mountlake Terrace line.

This club was unique because it was the first to have a psychedelic theme.  The interior was mostly predominantly black, with blacklights everywhere.  You entered into a short hallway which veered to the left into about a 200’ by 100’ unobstructed room.

This place was the trippers paradise, as it had about 6 huge strobe lights off to the right side.  These babies were high-powered... guaranteed to  make any member of the juicer crowd hurl while attempting  “The Gator “ – remember the Gator ?

For those that were too young, it was a dance option where the gatoree would prop himself on both hands on the floor, and twist and gyrate himself around, usually pretending that he was eating your granny, or something else – chomp, chomp... not for wimps, or anyone that may be trippin’.
immortalized in the movie “Animal House “

The food trippers on the sidelines had a limited, but cheap food source.  Included on the orange day glow menu – a whole pizza 80 cents / ice cream 15 / pop 25 / potato chips  15 / and hot dog and chips 48 !

Pat O’Day (KJR D.J.) had a hand in the booking which combined the best northwest talent along with national acts.  The radio advertisements used to weekly declare – “ It's a Bummer “

My most vivid memory is getting there late after band practice, and standing outside the doors as Moby Grape ripped into the beginning of  “Omaha “ – still sends a tingle down my spine !

I later that night met Skip Spence who gave me the band's card.  They were my favorite group back then, and I was later to find out Robert Plant’s too –

It was a beautiful bummer!

Tommy Johnson, December 2005

Blaise Lewerk was hired by Sid Clark to manage the club after Sid and his partners purchased and redesignated the club in 1967.  It was originally known as Pat O'Day's North.

Sidney Clark, October 2007

Tommy's description is very accurate.   I remember seeing The Emergency Exit there (with Luther Rabb on bass) as the opening act for Every Mother's Son ("Come on down to my boat baby").  As I remember it, The Exit did a fantastic version of "Under My Thumb" that built to a crescendo when they did a call and response thing towards the end (hold the root chord -" I'm telling you babay...Under my thumb...I'm telling you how....Under my thumb.....gotta hear what I'm sayin'.......Under my it's gonna be now....Under my thumb....etc.).  Sent chills up my spine.  Then came Every Mother's Son and they were terrible!!  Anyway, thanks for the memory.  I also remember going there when it was called Pat O'Day's North, but don't remember who I saw (probably a couple of Northwest favorites like City Zu or Don and the Goodtimes, but really can't recall).  Thanks for the memories.................

Rick Laush,  November 2008

I used to frequent The Bummer establishment too.   What I remember most vividly about The Bummer was the GO-GO girls. Mama Mia! Can those skirts get any shorter?!
I’m certain that I saw Double Image there.

Chuck Burbank, November 2008

I went to The Bummer just about every weekend while it was there.  It wasn't too far from where I lived so I could walk.  It was awesome!  The strobe lights were so good... it was surreal.  I saw many great groups there... Moby Grape, The Seeds, The Turtles, City Zu, Don & The Goodtimes, The Pied Pipers, etc.  I remember they often had a cover charge deal where the ladies could get in for free if we brought an ice cube.  Seriously.  I use to bring a huge bag of ice cubes wrapped up in newspapers and hand them out to my girlfriends.

I wish I had some photos to share.  But all I have are great memories of good times and dancing until I couldn't move anymore.  I drank a bunch of that 25 cent soda.  I think I remember The Wailers and The West Coast Natural Gass Co. playing there too.  And I know I saw Paul Revere & The Raiders there.  They were great friends with Pat O'Day.  Those sure were good days.  It was a real bummer when The Bummer closed.

Thanks for your great website!

Lee Ann Hightower, January 2011

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