The Bumps - Photo Courtesy of Bob Greer
The Bumps
Seattle - Monroe, Washington
1965 - 1969


Jack Andrews ~ Piano
John Cleaver ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Bob Greer ~ Bass
Pat Hewitt ~ Guitar
John Knapp ~ Guitar
Steve Moshier ~ Bass
Larry Richstein (aka Rube Tubin) ~ Guitar
Hugh Stotler ~ Drums
Robert Van den Akker ~ Drums
Gary R. Walsh ~ Keyboards


In Memory of

Larry Richstein
aka:  Rube Tubin
d:  18 August 2012

Photo Courtesy of Sundazed Records

Image courtesy of Jim Sherwood

I played on a multi-band show in Vancouver Canada in 1966 with the bumps at an outdoor venue called the Kitsalaino showboat, which is a stage on the beach fronted by a tidal swimming pool, not unlike the Beatles at the Hollywood bowl show, there were about 5000 people in attendance.   The Bumps had Sunn amps with two JBL 15 inch speakers.  The lead guitar, Randy, had the long sustain distorted sound like Jeff Beck or Eric Clapton.  They called it his buzz saw.  This was the first time Vancouverites and bands had been exposed to the real new deal in rock guitar.  We did not know what to make of it.  Either he was incredibly self indulgent or he was the new rock god.  They played "The Witch "which I believe was a northwest hit for them.  We had Vox amplifiers from England, which had an undeniably good sound.  W also had our high-tech masterpiece, a Gibson Fuzz Master (aka) Satisfaction by the Stones, for our lead guitarist.  We were all wiped out by Spade Nielson and the Gamblers, a country and western outfit, who landed in the pool on a seaplane during our show.

Bob Brown, The Centaurs, June 2007

The Bumps, available on Sundazed Music, NW Battle of the Bands. Copy of Bumps poster courtesy of Jeff Miller

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Credits:   Darryl Riffero, Larry Richstein, Dave Bloom, Robert Van den Akker, Jeff MillerFuzz, Acid & Flowers, Bob Greer, John Cleaver, Jim Sherwood, Bob Brown, Steve Moshier, Tamara Cash

Band # 0088