From the Burner Boys Website - Photo used by permission
         The Burner Boys in front of the Big-O Hotel, North Vancouver, B.C. - publicity shot around 1971
The Burner Boys
Vancouver, British Columbia
1970 - 1979


Rod Dirk ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Tim Francis ~ Drums
Al Hovden ~ Guitar, Vocals
David Jenneson ~ Vocals
Steve Renshaw ~ Bass
Peter Sinclair ~ Guitar
Gordon Walkinshaw ~ Organ

From the Burner Boys Website - Photo used by permission
The Burner Boys play the Easter Be-in at Stanley Park. That night CBC Television would feature them on their national news.

The Burner Boys were a jug rock band when they first began, similar in style to the skiffle music the Quarrymen played before they became the Beatles - but very loudly amplified. They cut a swathe across Vancouver and British Columbia. between 1970 and 1972. They were the first group to put the North Shore on the musical map. Their wild stage presence drew huge crowds to hear original songs they could hear nowhere else. They caused riots, were chased by shotgun wielding millionaires, had the loyalty of every gang that counted and were rumored to beat up bands they played with.

From the Burner Boys Website, Used by Permission

I played in the burner boys in  1970 I was the fifth new Burner Boy.   My part in the band is written about in Chapter 10 in "A Band is a Beautiful Thing" a book written by Dave Jenneson the singer.

Peter Sinclair, March 2009

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Credits: David Jenneson, Peter Sinclair

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