The Burning Sensations
Bellingham, Washington
1976 - 1979


Peter Bonow ~ Bass, Vocals
Tim Bonow ~ Drums, Guitar
Donnie Egelhoff ~ Guitar
Mark Sherman ~ Guitar

This band was put together for company parties at The Alaskan Silver and Ivory Company.  We had a huge warehouse we’d decorate, get some beer, and create mayhem.

Donnie took the band  name when he returned to California.  It emerged around 79 in the Bay Area in a band he used to be in that kept the name.  I ended up playing on bills with them when I was in Spys.

Peter Bonow,  January 2007

In the above two photos, Donnie is on the left with his recent band near Kennesaw, Georgia, not far from "The Web Slave"

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Last Update:  24 July 2007
Credits: Peter Bonow, Bill Slayton, Donnie Egelhoff
 Band # 2112