Poster courtesy of Nico Wind
Burnside Bombers
Portland, Oregon
1976 - 1981


Mark Bosnian ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jay Bradshaw ~ Drums
Mike Fennern ~ Saxophone
Danny Fincher ~ Saxophone
Gayle Jewell ~ Vocals
Mat Kilwein ~ Guitar, Vocals
Pete Moss ~ Saxophone
Craig Mustain ~ Drums, Vocals
Jerry Murray ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick "Grease" Starr ~ Drums
Bob Thompson ~ Bass, Vocals
Neil ? ~ Saxophone, Flute, Percussion

Guest Musicians

John Henderson ~ Harp

In Memory of

Craig Mustain
(d: Dec 2004)

Photo courtesy of Nico Wind
Craig in 2003

Craig Mustain was the drummer for The Burnside Bombers and several other bands..  Craig passed away in December of 2004.   He really loved Portland and he was really embrace by the people of this town.  He was like a Brother to not only me, but hundreds of people here.

Nico Wind, January 2007

We existed from 1976 to 1981.  The core members were Mark Bosnian, Jerry Murray and Bob Thompson.  Saxophone players were Pete Moss, Danny Fincher and Mike Fennern.  We had a female vocalist for a few months named Gayle Jewell.   I can't remember all the drummers we had but the main one was Rick "Grease" Starr.

Mark Bosnian, November 2006

Back in the early 70's one band that was very popular in the clubs was "The Burnside Bombers".   I actually jammed with them on drums one time at a practice session.   I don't remember any names but they were Portland based.

Jim B., March 2005

I have a single record from the Burnside Bombers called Coconut Girl b/w Don't Stop Now.  Band members from this Oct. 1980 record were:  Mark Bosnian, Jerry Murry, Mat Kilwein, Bob Thompson and Rick “Grease” Star.

Dick Yandell, May 2006

I played drums with the Bombers for a couple of years, between the times of Craig Mustain and Rick "Grease" Starr.  During this period, we had an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (sax, flute, percussion) by the name of Neil.  Regretfully, I cannot remember Neil's last name.  It was a pleasure to play with Bob Thompson, one of the best rock & roll bass players I have known, who went on to play with other great bands and is probably still at it (I hope).

Jay Bradshaw, April 2009

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Credits: Jim B., Dale Turnbull, Monte von Struck, Mark Bosnian, Dick Yandell, Nico Wind, Jay Bradshaw
Band # 1939