Mike & Larry
Burson Enterprise
Seattle, Washington
1967 - 1971


Jim Anderson ~ Drums, Vocals
John Agostino ~ Drums
Steve Burdette ~ Jeyboards, Vocals
Larry Corcoran ~ Bass, Vocals
Tony Dodd ~ Guitar, Vocals
Michael Elliott ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ted Shreffler ~ Keyboards, Vocals

Don Collins ~ Road Manager
Jack Davidson ~ Manager

In Memory of

Ted Shreffler
d:  22 August 2009
Larry James Corcoran
31 Jul 1942 - 15 Nov 2012

Burson Enterprise played the usual Seattle venues as well as six-monh bookings at the Flame Tavern in Burien and the Caballero Tavern (previously located near where the Union Square Grill is now) 1967-1969.  As Burson / Peter / Cannonball we also played one (or more?) of the Sky River Rock festivals 1969-1971.

The band name Burson came from portions of Burdette and Anderson's last names.

Michael Elliott, June 2010


Tony Dodd

Steve Burdette

Jim Anderson
Jack Davison managed their early performances.

Elna Benoit, July 2010

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Last Update:  23 November 2012
Credits:  Michael Elliott, Elna Benoit
Photos by and courtesy of Elna Benoit
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