Photo courtesy of Paul Julien
Rudi Taylor, Tim Carlson, Paul Julien, Mark Shurman, Chris Martin
Buster Keaton
AKA:  Graf Zepplin
Seattle, Washington
1966 - 1969


Tim Carlson ~ Bass
Paul Julien ~ Drums
Chris Martin ~ Lead Guitar
Mark Shurman ~ 12-String, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Rudy Taylor ~ Keyboard/Organ


Doc Holiday ~ Band Boy

 Doc Holiday (Band Boy), Rudi, Tim, Mark, & Chris

I played drums in a band in from 1966-1969 that was very popular on the Seattle area high school and University, fraternity/sorority dance circuit.  We were Buster Keaton (Originally the Graf Zepplin for a short while, until the Led Zepplin hit the airwaves!)

 In the summers of 1967 and 1968 we played in nearly every community "Battle of the Bands" around the Greater Seattle area and won every one we entered.  We were a top-40's cover band, quickly learning each new song as soon as it hit the radio in Seattle.  Even though each of the band members was an excellent musician technically, we had no interest in writing our own music.

Before disbanding, the band played a couple gigs into the Fall of 1969, most notably with the Seattle Symphony who invited us to be the the "rock band" in a "Rock Symphony/Opera" they designed and performed.

I was a little younger than the other band members and had always been more into mountain climbing, sailboat racing and scuba diving as a lifestyle than into "the music scene", as the others were.  But the actual music playing and performing was equally important to me as my other activities.

Our disparity in lifestyles drew the band members apart, with the final break coming when I joined the University of Washington Rowing Team in 1969, where that all-consuming sport became the focus of my energy.  I achieved great success in rowing and, years later, kayak and windsurfing racing. The last I heard of any other band members was that Tim Carlson dabbled in radio DJ'ing in the 70's.

I returned to drumming in the 1980's for a while before heading to South America for some new adventures, and again in the early 1990's while living in the Caribbean, playing with a classic R&R band in Puerto Rico.

I currently live in Africa where I play and teach drums, and surf.

Paul Julien, October 2010

Photo courtesy of Paul Julien
Chris Martin

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