Photo courtesy of Stephanie Hancock
Butterfat in 1971 - 1972
Seattle, Washington
Casper, Wyoming
About 1969 - 1972


Spencer Bohren ~  Trombone, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Bill Hayes ~ Bass
Paul Huber ~ Keyboards
Corey McDaniel ~ Guitar, Vocals
Karen Paisley  ~ Vocals
Ed Roonie ~ Bass
John Sayles ~ Saxophone, Keyboards, Accordion
Henry "Hank" Sondie ~ Saxophone
David Tate ~ Drums
Donny Teasdale  ~ Drums
Robin ~ ?
Susie ~ ?

Gary Priess ~ Sound
Herk Hancock ~ Manager

In Memory of

Herk Hancock
21 June 1943 - 15 February 2004

Karen Paisley
d:  Abt 2004

Bill Hayes

Gary Priess
d: 19 October 2009

John Sayles
d:  11 March 2011

Image courtesy of Stephanie Hancock

Eddies... pre-Butterfat - Image courtesy of Corey McDaniel
The Eddie in Denver - 1967 . Many of them went to WA and became Butterfat

In the mid to late 60's , I was at a concert held in Sick's Stadium and the show starred Janis Joplin, Steve Miller and several name bands, all for five dollars.  A supposedly local band opened the show and I never heard of it (before or since) . Their name was Butterfat.

Robert McCormick, 6 November 2002

There was a band out of Seattle called Butterfat around 1970.  They occupied a community house in north Seattle that was formerly operated by Jimmy Winkler. They were a good band, but I only remember a couple of their players.  Ed Rooney on bass and Henry Sondie on sax.

Robin Feetham, 15 October 2003

Butterfat was from Casper, WY.  They came out to Seattle for the first time in '69.  Later they became Earthquake and the Tremors after Earthquake Anderson moved back to Seattle.

Jerry Christie, January 2007

The lead guitarist and vocalist for Seattle-based Butterfat (originally from Casper, WY) was Corey McDaniel.  Bill Hayes was bassist.  Bill later died after a motorcycle accident.  Jack Lucy was also involved with the band.

Peter Cohee, June 2006, Boston, MA

Butterfat did have Paul Huber and Donny Teasdale for a while, since they all came from Casper with Cory and is girlfriend Karen Paisley in late 60's.  The Bands first name is Casper and in Denver in 60's was the Eddies. After a short time in Seattle Butterfat formed and that is when Bill Hayes of Casper joined them. Donny and Paul might not have been in Butterfat very long since Paul painted more than music and Donny started playing with Linda Waterfall about that time.

This year, 2008, Cory has come back for re-uniuons in 8/08 and 11/08. . Donny told me this summer that our friend Karen Paisley (rip) was like a mom to that house full of hippy boys. I was in Denver and talked on the phone with her and Cory exchanged letters to get up. In 1971 I came to Seattle for Xmas with the goups home. This was before Hank and other joined.

Currrently Cory is a star worth following.  His two man band Tremors toured this summer with Spenser Bohren in Germany and Italy.   He is a one man act too.  Last check out Cory's new Myspace page is a work in progress (my daughter is making for him).  The page says "Cory McDaniel is a creative singer, song writer and guitarist.  Born on the high plains surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in the western United States, he was "always in rock bands," eventually wandering up to Seattle and opening for acts like the Youngbloods and Janis Joplin. In 1986, after a jaunt to Alaska, he returned to Casper for good, joining forces with Dale Bohren to form the core of the Tremors. Cory wandered into a love of the blues by traveling. Cory was first inspired by the Big Band sounds his parents played at home. Later, Paul Butterfield, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Oingo Boingo’s Danny Elfman, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen influenced his song writing and arranging.

In 2005, he was asked to perform at the Mettmann Blues Festival in Mettmann, Germany as a soloist. Bluesweek organizer, Wolfgang Pieker, said McDaniel was “sensationally good,” and added that although not all musical solo tours are successful, “with Cory McDaniel, you can be sure of an aura that was present at the Tremors’ shows of the past.” This European tour set in motion the desire to move forward as a soloist. Since then he has performed at a variety of venues in the USA.

A solo album "Save A Soul" is in the works which will be comprised of mostly live performances. Cory continues to perform with Dale Bohren as what is "Wyoming's only two-piece trio." The Tremors returned to Europe in June of 2008, for a wonderful tour of Italy with Spencer Bohren. The Tremors continue to play locally and have been asked to return to the Mettmann Blues Week in Mettmann, Germany in March of 2009. See tour schedule at

BG Russell, a friend of Cory's, December 2008

My brother, Allen Hoglan,  just finished playing a reunion with members of the band.  He is friends with Henry "Hank" Sondie who lives in Port Townsend, Washington.

Ken Hoglan, September 2008

My husband, Mikal Priess, (then called Gary), was from Casper Wyoming.  He was sound man/mixer for Butterfat in the early 70’s in Casper, Seattle and on the road to Alaska, Portland and elsewhere.  He lived in the community house in North Seattle with the band, then later moved to the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle by himself a year or so before I met him in 1974.

He was a great audio engineer who refused to mix the sound as loud as the drunken fans at the Medicine Show Tavern wanted it, thus incurring their wrath and several beer bottles lobbed at his head.  He stuck to his guns, refusing to distort the music or break people’s eardrums and managed to end the evening with his head intact and a happy band.

He lost contact with Butterfat over the years although he and I did stay with Bill Hayes for awhile in 1979 when Bill was living in Casper.

Mikal made great reel to reel tapes of the band which were some of the best rock ‘n roll blues ever recorded.  He probably had the only copies.

Sorry to say that my beloved, talented, Rocky Mountain boy, Mikal, died of a heart attack on October 19, 2009….35 years together wasn’t enough… My heart is broken.

Susannah White, Seattle, November 2009

Card Design by Paul Huber
Paul Huber designed the Butterfat Postcard

Stephanie Hancock, May 2011

I met him (Herk) the very first day I visited the band, Butterfat, in Seattle.  The group consisted mostly of guys from my hometown of Casper, Wyoming, with a drummer from Cheyenne, and a saxophone player from, I think, Mars.  Herk was their manager, and they were really lucky that he was interested in doing the business for them, though I imagine it must have worked out in his favor somehow.  This was the very early 1970's, which was just an extension of the better-known "60s," with all the attendant craziness, spiritual questing, hippies, long hair, wild clothing, sexual promiscuity, loud music, recreational herbal and pharmaceutical drugs, draft-dodging and low regard for anything resembling authority.  And Butterfat pretty much wore all of those things openly on their sleeves.  In the middle of all of this madness that passed for reality, Herk stood out as a very hip, grounded, businesslike, presentable, mannerly presence.  I don't know to what extent he participated in the trappings of the hippies, but he fit right in, and he had an easy authority that allowed him to take charge of our ragtag band and actually make progress with us.

Herk always looked impeccable.  He was the first person I knew to dress in vintage clothes, drive a restored vintage vehicle, collect antique furniture and accessories, and generally practice the retro-style that has since become a hallmark of the Pacific Northwest.  He had class.  He had glorious long hair, like Buffalo Bill.  He was worldly.  He had money, which we did not have, and he always seemed generous to me.  Butterfat was only part of what Herk did for a living, though I didn't have much of a handle on whatever else he was involved in.  I know that he loved to buy and sell antiques, old cars & trucks, and stuff like that.  I suppose he a bit of a hustler, but he did it with style, and he reaped the benefits of his efforts.  There was something kind of heroic about Herk Hancock.  He was bigger than life, and someone you'd want to know.  Those days of 1970 to maybe 1972 will always be special to me.  And part of the reason is most certainly Herk Hancock.

Spencer Bohren, New Orleans, LA

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