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Cadillac Jack Revue
Seattle, Washington
1994 - 2007


Jack Becker ~ Guitar, Vocals
 Carl Bradley ~ Drums, Vocals
Alan Edwards ~ Bass, Vocals
Tony Orozco ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Peterson ~ Guitar, Vocals


Joe Lane  ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ric Ulsky ~ Keyboards

The Cadillac Jack Revue was formed by Jack Becker in 1994 yet the concept for CJR began un-officially in 1954 when bands led by Ike Turner, Muddy Waters and B.B. King played house rockin’ rhythm and blues.  There was a raw edge to the music...and it made the audience feel real good.  Jack has shared the stage with some of Americas hottest players:  Coco Montoya, Preston Smith, Marcie Levy (Eric Clapton), Larry Taylor (Canned Heat), Janiva Magness, and Henry Cooper (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins), to name a few.  With over 1,000 gigs under his belt, Jack knows how to make an audience feel right at home.

Spending more time than a white man should in south central L.A. and listening to way too much James Brown, Jack Becker acquired a taste for soul music and soul food.  Having had the luck of seeing acts like Albert King, John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters at the local clubs, and combining that with a love for Merle Haggard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis, the sound of the Cadillac Jack Revue was born.

With a lineup of top musicians this band plays every song straight from the heart. A hell-raising time is guaranteed with the Cadillac Jack Revue!

by Rev. Deborah Engelhart. Washington Blues Society
It was a dark, asteroid-streaked night in Pioneer Square. I'd been invited to the New Orleans to check out a show by a guy called Jack, Cadillac Jack. I managed to squeeze the blues wagon into a tiny little spot right on First Avenue, locked up tight, and waded through the bog of night-life characters and rich aromas. The Cadillac Jack Revue was on their second set by the time I got settled in with refreshments. I picked up a copy of their new CD, Lonesome Train, look for the review in this issue. The show was a lot of fun and the dance floor was rockin' all night. People told me that this band kept them interested with the wide spectrum of blues they played. Jack's a pretty hot guitarist, and the rest of them aren't too sloppy either. Jack Becker (slide guitar/vocals), Joe Lane (guitar/vocals), Carl Bradley (drums), Dan Good (bass), Ric Ulsky (keys). For more info on the band visit

by James Middlefield

The stage was quickly set for the 'Cadillac Jack Revue' featuring Jack Becker on Guitar and vocals, Carl Bradley on drums and Vocals, Alan Edwards on bass and vocals, and Joe lane on guitar and vocals. Jack Becker is the driving force behind Cadillac Jack. (Perhaps he owns or has owned his share of Cadillacs or maybe he just likes the way it sounds.) He started the band in 1994 and like many bands "Cadillac Jack' has come in and out of the limelight over the years due to pressures of family and fortunes, but they are back in full swing and playing around the Northwest to appreciative crowds at each venue. They mix rock 'n roll with blues ' rock for a danceable energetic show. They mix influences from John lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Albert King with Merle Haggard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis. jack and his sidekick Joe Lane trade rhythm and lead duties back and forth efficiently and inventively while Jack sings the tunes with energy and commitment. You can keep up with The cadillac Jack revue' on their web site and on August 5th they will return to the New Orleans Club down on 1st Ave in Pioneer Square, Seattle.

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Shirley Lorene and Rush Hour, Epicentre, The Bag, Smokin' Gun, City Zu, Rocky & His Friends, The Riddlers, New Blues Brothers, and many others NW bands.

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