Photo courtesy of Bob Gallagher
Spokane, Washington
1974 - 1976
Reunited in 2002


Dee Browning ~ Bass
Doug Clark ~ Guitar
Bob Gallagher ~ Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Steve Kensok ~ Bass, Vocals
Bill Latronica ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Sackett ~ Bass
Doug Scott ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Gary Thorsen ~ Pedal Steel
Carl Whiteman ~ Drums

Calico was a Spokane-based "road" band that visited just about every major city in the Northwest from 1974-1976.  In 2000 they played a reunion show (2002) with LANCE ROMANCE.  Their pedal steel player (Gary Thorsen) went on to play with Lance Romance after the group disbanded in 1976.

Bill Latronica, September 2004

C A L I C O  (1974-1976)

Calico was a 5-piece Country/Country Rock band that formed in September 1974.  The early formation included Bill Latronica (Los Angeles) on guitar/vocals; Bob Gallagher (Spokane) on guitar/vocals; Carl Whiteman (Los Angeles) on Drums; Doug Scott (Los Angeles) on Lead guitar/vocals and Dee Browning (Spokane) on Bass.  A few months after formation, Steve Sackett (Moses Lake) took over the Bass slot.  A year later, both Doug and Steve left the band to pursue other interests.

Calico - Image courtesy of Bob Gallagher
Calico in 1975 - Steve Sackett, Bob Gallagher, Doug Scott, Bill Latronica and Carl Whiteman

Steve Kensok (Spokane) and Gary Thorsen (Spokane) then joined Bob, Bill & Carl to form the strongest overall version of CALICO. They played a list from Eagles to Lynard Skynard to Commander Cody, and cooked their own brand of Country Rock from Spokane to Portland, from Seattle to the Tri-cities, from Trail B.C. to Billings Montana and just about every little cow town in-between!  The roots of the band continued to be centered in a combination of imports from Los Angeles (Bill & Carl) and home-bred Pacific Northwest natives (Steve, Gary and Bob).

CALICO disbanded in July of 1976, a few months short of the second anniversary of the Band.  In 1982, Bill & Dawn Latronica formed OASIS, Carl Whiteman joining them shortly after formation along with 2 other former CALICO members -Doug Scott and Steve Sackett.  OASIS performed a Pop/Rock and top 40 format in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area until disbanding in 1992.  Bill & Dawn went on to form BEAUTY & the BEAST, and continue to perform as a Variety Duo to this day. Bob Gallagher went on to pursue what has become a flourishing record store business called "4000 Holes" in Spokane, and musically, went on to form an all-original group called the PANICS.  Carl Whiteman performs with the reformed CALICO.  Steve Sackett performs with the reformed CALICO, as well as the PANICS (with Bob), and when time allows, joins wife Kathy as a duo called CANNED MUSIC.  (There is no further news concerning the present musical activities of Doug Scott, Gary Thorsen, Dee Browning, and Steve Kensok)

Calico - Image courtesy of Bob Gallagher
Calico in 1976 - Steve Kensok, Bob Gallagher, Carl Whiteman, Bill Latronica and Gary Thorsen

A recent reunion (May 2002) brought the band together before a packed house, for the first time in over 25 years, sharing the stage at the Smokeshop Beer Parlor in Spokane in May 2002 with Seattle's -  Lance Romance!  The reunion

Original Members:
    Bill Latronica - Lead guitar/vocals
    Bob Gallagher - Acoustic guitar/vocals
    Carl Whiteman - Drums

    Steve Sackett - Bass/vocal
    Dawn Latronica - Percussion/vocals
    Phil Klineman - Pedal Steel

Other members in CALICO history:
    Doug Scott - Lead guitar/vocals
    Dee Browning - Bass
    Doug Clark - Lead Guitar (reformed CALICO)

CALICO continues to perform periodically in the Spokane area, with Steve Sackett, Phil Kleinman and Doug Clark joining original members - Bob Gallagher & Carl Whiteman.

Thanks to all that supported the above Bands and persons, and may God shed His blessings upon you all.

Bill Latronica , October 2004

I used to work at Gatsby's Tavern in Spokane, Washington and a Band called Calico played there for us.  They played there somewhere around 1981 to 1986.  I left Spokane in 1986.  They personally gave me a promo photo.  However I was working and did not get a chance to have them sign it.  So I have no names for them.  It is posted on my Facebook and I am hoping someone will be able to give me some names.

Martina Haine (Campbell), May 2010

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Credits:  Bill Latronica, Bill Gallagher, Martina Haine (Campbell), Bob Gallagher
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