Cameo Circa 1971 - Courtesy of C Mason
Seattle, Washington
1971 - 1974


Van Glover ~ Vocals
Eddy Hall ~ Guitar
Terry Johnson ~ Hammond B3
Jeff Mason ~ Trombone
Carnell Robinson ~ Bass
Lynn Ware ~ Saxophone, Flute
Loren Williams ~ Trumpet
Dacey Woods ~ Drums

In Memory of

Edward "Lynn" Ware, Jr

I am the first cousin to Jimi Hendrix and was the lead guitar player for the band (Cameo) which originated in Seattle, Washington around 1971.  The band was the first all-black band to play the Olympic Hotel and various other places at that time. Cameo was a sale out in just  about every club it performed.The District Tavern, The Gallery, The Rainbow, The Red Lion Inn, it goes on and on. They were also thought to be the #1  R&B band of that time-by most club owners. The band consited of Guitar, Bass, Organ, Drums,Trumpet,Sax and Lead Vocals. The band broke up  around 1974 but re-grouped later in California to continue on to be Cameo.

Eddy Hall, October 2001

I am Loren Williams and was an original member of the Seattle CAMEO band.  It was a relatively short-lived experience, but what an experience the CAMEO band was!

The CAMEO band was 8 pieces, Van Glover, Eddy Hall, Terry Johnson, Jeff Mason, Carnell Robinson, Lynn Ware, Loren Williams and Darcey Woods.  The CAMEO band played what I call Rhythm and Blues with a ‘Jimi Hendrix’ experience.

CAMEO covered music by Sly, Cold Blood, Al Green, Albert King, Tower of Power, Buddy Miles, and ‘Hendrix’ himself, just to name a few.  The Cameo band also created some tasty original tunes.

Two that I remember and will never forget were titled ‘Funky Butt Cool’ and ‘The Gallery Jam’.  The guitarist Eddy Hall is the blood cousin of Jimi Hendrix (Eddy's mom Dolores was instrumental in raising Jimi).  Eddy Hall did the best imitation of Hendrix guitar playing that I've ever heard in my life!  Because of the Hendrix connection the CAMEO band was the featured group at the first Jimi Hendrix Memorial Concert which was held at the old Eagles Auditorium on Union St. in Downtown Seattle.

The Eagles was a cavernous, hardwood floored venue with basic festival seating. As the featured Band for this event CAMEO was scheduled to hit the stage at Midnight. The scheduling got all messed up (as schedules tended to do back then) and the curtain opened on the CAMEO band as I recall sometime in the wee hours, like 4 AM.  As the curtain opened Eddy Hall was playing a solo ‘Hendrix’ piece and the audience, stoned and groggy, woke up and rushed the stage.  WHAT A RUSH!!!

The CAMEO band also played ‘warm up’ for Kool and the Gang at the Center Arena; for the late Donny Hathaway at the Seattle Olympic Hotel; and for Johnny Rivers at the Seattle Paramount Theatre.

The CAMEO band played regularly at Mr. P’s, The Gallery, The Embers, and Sonny Bookers District Tavern in Seattle.

CAMEO was booked and promoted by John Nyberg and Paul Barbarus of Far-West Entertainment.  In those days we competed with  Heart, Cheyenne, Easy Chair, Cold, Bold and Together, and Family Affair, etc.  Wherever the CAMEO band played they had a crowd!

Loren Williams, December 2008

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Last Update:  31 July 2013
Credits:  Eddy Hall, Loren Williams, C. Mason
 Band # 2508