Canadian Crossfire
Canadian Crossfire
Cranbrook, British Columbia
2002 - Present


Dean Archibald ~ Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Al Henderson ~ Drums
Dean Ritson ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

Others ?


Byron Beauchene ~ Keyboard, Keyboard Bass, 5-String Bass, Synth, Harp, Vocals

This band has changed its musical format since this page was originally posted at in 2008.  They no longer play country music and are now a cover rock band.

Webmaster for and Dean Archibald, November 2013

Dean Ritson and Al Henderson played Rock on the road for 8 years back in the 80's.

Dean Archibald came up through the Cranbrook School Music Scene and played in big bands that can actually read sheet music.

Byron Beauchene is a self taught guitar player who somehow learned to play a piano while doing left hand bass or for some of the heavy 80's stuff will pick up a 5 string bass. Byron's 60's bands were The Tycons and The Thin Red Line. Byron's 70's band was Western Union and in the 80's it was a country duo called Bandit. The urge to try to write original music has always been nagging Byron but the inspiration has been spread throughout many years of pickin' and grinnin'. The latest effort has resulted in a cd called "The Lottery" by Canadian Crossfire that will be available on

This is just a 4 piece band and what you hear is very true to the live sound. No double tracking or over dubs here. That big arena sound is Canadian Crossfire. The style we'll call Country Rock but this band can play Classic Rock covers or Funk and Blues all night long. Dean Ritson's mean G&L / Marshall sound compliment Dean Archibald's salivating tenor sax solos while "Ace" Henderson proves just how easy working like a dog on drums can look. The old guy, Byron Beauchene, on piano, bass and synth runs the sound, lights, drives the truck and writes the original music plus works up these web pages.

Have listen to Canadian Crossfire, buy "The Lottery", pop it in your ride and cruise on down the road with the volume cranked and your toe tappin'.

Byron Beauchene, April 2008

Canadian Crossfire CD
Released in 2008
Available at CDBaby
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: The Tycons, The Thin Red Line, Western Union,  Bandit  and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:  19 November 2013
Credits:  Byron Beauchene, Dean Archibald
Band # 2364