Canadian Strangers - Photo Courtesy of Brian Newcombe
David Foster, Barry Casson, Bill Stewart, Rich England
Wes Chambers, Bobby Faulds, Mike Stymest
Canadian Strangers
Victoria, British Columbia
1966 - 1967


Barry Casson ~ Drums
Wes Chambers ~ Sax
Rich England ~ Saxophone
David Foster ~ Piano
Bobby Faulds ~ Lead Vocals
Bill Stewart ~ Trumpet, Valve Trombone
Mike Stymest ~ Bass

In Memory of

Bobby Faulds
d:  October 2014

Mike Stymest
d:  April 2015

Mike Stymest
d:  April 2015

This Band was called "The Canadian Strangers", and featured a very young "David Foster".  This group evolved out of the previous "Bobby Faulds and The Strangers", and had most of the same guys... Bobby, Barry, Bill, & Wes.  By this time, Doug Edwards and I had left and moved over to Vancouver to gig.

Brian Newcombe, January 2004

I was with the group when we backed up Chuck Berry, we went on tour with him, around Britain & one show in Paris, France at the Paris Olympia Theatre.  We did a big show at "Brian Epstein's-Shaftsbury Theatre with Chuck Berry when the audience started a riot!  It was in Reuters News all over the world!

In the "Royal-Box" was Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Mamma Cass, Epstein & the audience started to Boo them... because the audience were "Teddy-boys & Rockers" &  the Beatles had changed their way of music & they didn't like it!

We, the Canadian Strangers, had to do two songs before we brought on Chuck & the audience Boo'd us, till Chuck Berry came out & said if they didn't give us a chance, then he wasn't coming on!  There were about eight other acts on stage before us & they too, were boo'd.  When Chuck finally came on the audience went "Nuts" & started ripping out chairs, & literally going CRAZY.!!!

The show was cut in half, as Berry refused to do any more... & that's when all-hell broke loose!  The audience started to jump on the stage until they brought down a "Steel-Curtain "We all had to stay in our dressing rooms for about 6 hours till the Theatre was emptied by the police & the crowd disappeared!

Just a little Trivia from my side.


Bobby Faulds  January 2004

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Credits: Brian Newcombe, Bobby Faulds, Linda Stephens, Sue Stymest
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