Candy & The Casuals
Spokane, Washington
Late 1960's


Marc DeWood ~ Guitar
Candy Frasure ~ Vocals
Wayne Johnson ~ Guitar
Ken Martello ~ Bass

In the late 60's Ken Martello was a very talented young bass player.  He joined a band called, Candy and the Casuals  He wanted Steve Nelson (Mark 5, Universal Joint, Thin Red Line) and I to meet the guitar player in his new band.  We went down to the lounge at the Hotel Couer 'd Alene in Spokane and met the guitar player, Wayne Johnson.  He was a very nice guy and seemed to be really serious about music.

In 1972,  Mickey Davis and I were driving north of Boston, and we saw a young fellow driving on the parkway with Washington license plates.  We were curious, and flagged him down.... it was Wayne Johnson.  We talked for a while.  Wayne was the same nice guy I had met in Spokane.  He said he was studying music, and was going to Berklee College.

Wayne is one of the most accomplished musicians  from the PNW.  After school he became the guitarist for The Manhattan Transfer and has had many best selling albums.

Bob Acorn, August 2011

I believe Candy was Candy Frasure (sp ?) who was also in a great band called Rick Harris, Candy and Mr D.  that played in Las Vegas and occasionally in Spokane at the "Front Street Review"

Terry Shaver (The Cavaliers), May 2012

Marc DeWood is a doctor in Spokane, now.  He was a cardiovascular surgeon for a long time in California.  We were in high school together at Gonzaga prep from 1962-1966.   I am positive he played with band called Candy and the Casuals.   Candy and the Casuals played a dance at G Prep in the fall of 1965.  I remember because they played Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” which had just been released in the summer of 1965.

Rich Skalstad, December 2012

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Credits::  Bob Acorn, Terry Shaver, Rick Skalstad

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