AKA:  Peter, Joshua
Seattle, Washington
About 1968 - 1972


John Agostino ~ Drums
Steve Burdette ~ Vocals
Les Carlson ~ Vocals
Larry Corcoran ~ Bass
Michael Elliott ~ Guitar
Adriene McNeal ~ Vocals
Ted Shreffler ~ Keyboards
Bill Stroum ~ Bass

Don Collins ~ Road Manager

In Memory of

Ted Shreffler
d:  22 August 2009
Larry James Corcoran
31 Jul 1942 - 15 Nov 2012

"My band was known as Cannonball (late 60's, early 70's) and Peter (late 60's).  As Cannonball our biggest claim to fame was being the pit band for the Seattle Opera's production of Tommy at the Moore Theater, starring Bette Midler, who 'borrowed' our band name for one of her bands.  Peter and Cannonball also opened for The Doors and Alice Cooper in Eugene, Lee Michaels at the Eagles Auditorium, and was signed to Buffalo Records in Los Angeles in 1972.

Our members included Ted Shreffler (keyboards) from Crome Syrcus; John Agostino (drums); Bill Stroum (bass) from Locomotive; Adriene McNeal (vocals); Larry Corcoran (bass) from Burson Enterprise; Steve Burdett (vocals) from Burson Enterprise; Les Carlson (vocals) cast of Hair; and Don Collins (road manager), former drummer for Skip and Flip, Bobby 'Boris' Picket, and one of the versions of "Alley Oop".

My high school band was The Impulses.  We actually won a 'battle of the bands' at Northgate.  I believe the judges were "The Dynamics."

Michael Elliott, April 2002

Being a member of Cannonball (later we were called Joshua when we moved to LA) was one of the most memorable times of my life. Those guys meant the world to me.

Adriene McNeal, June 2010

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Last Update:  23 November 2012
Credits:  Michael Elliott, Larry Corcoran, Phil Mitchell, Adriene McNeal, Bill Stroum
Band # 776