Canterbury Tales at Central Washington College - 1967
From the 1967 Central Washington College Year Book
Courtesy of Dick Warren
The Canterbury Tales
Seattle, Washington
1965 - 1967
1986 - 1989


Bob Casey ~ Organ, Bass, Vocals
Bruce Gladwin ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dean Heathcote ~ Drums
Blaise LeWark ~ Guitar, Vocals
Phil Lund ~ Saxophone
Jeannine Lybeck ~ Vocals
Steve Myrwang ~ Bass, Vocals
Rick Nordquist ~ Bass
Pat Ryan ~ Guitar
Joe Salisbury ~ Guitar
Carol Suffran ~ Guitar, Autoharp, Vocals
Steve Zager ~ Drums

In Memory of

Blaise LeWark
d:  September 2012

The Canterbury Tales - Photo Courtesy of Bob Casey

The Canterbury Tales played extensively throughout the Northwest due to the success of our record on the Merrilin label called Rainy Day.  It was a regional radio hit that kept us working the teen (in Idaho, the bar) dance circuit for two years.  Besides headlining shows in Western and Eastern Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia, the 'Tales opened and toured with such acts as Buffalo Springfield, Tommy James and the Shondells, Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape and Sonny and Cher.

Joe Salisbury, October 2002

Canterbury Tales in 1987 - Photo courtesy of Dean Heathcote
The Canterbury Tales reformed between 1986 and 1989 to perform “classic rock-n-roll” shows in the Northwest.  Pictured from left to right; Pat Ryan, Dean Heathcote, Rick Nordquist, and Steve Myrwang.

Dean Heathcote, September 2004

Photo Courtesy of Dean Heathcote
Canterbury Tales at the BFD - 1966

Photo Courtesy of Dean Heathcote
Canterbury Tales at the BFD - 1966
Courtesy of Glenn Parfitt, Royal City Music Project

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Credits: Darryl Riffero, John Paulson, Maridel Fliss, Bob Casey, Dick Warren, Dean Heathcote, Joe Salisbury, Chrystal LeWark
Audio Courtesy of:  Dean Heathcote, Glenn Parfitt - Royal City Music Project

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