Captain Jack, 1974-75
 Craig Brandt, Rick Wakefield, Gary Hanson, Jon Rasmussen
Captain Jack
Spokane, Washington
1974 ~ 1978


  Craig Brandt ~ Bass, Vocals
Dan Brown ~ Keyboards, Vocals
David Cebert ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Gary Hanson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jon Rasmussen ~ Keyboards, Vocals
 Rick Wakefield ~ Drums, Vocals


David Baber ~ Sound
Mike Cloud ~ Sound
Brad Grunwald ~ Roadie
Craig Pierce ~ Sound
Robert Ryan ~ Roadie

Captain Jack, 1976-77
Rick Wakefield, Gary Hanson, Craig Brandt, Dan Brown

Captain Jack

Captain Jack began in the summer of 1974, when Mead High School buddies Gary Hanson, Jon Rasmussen and Craig Brandt, along with Rick Wakefield, walked into Jeannie Carter’s Freade’ Sounds agency in Spokane, WA and asked for representation.
When quizzed by Jeannie for a name to write in the contracts, the band was stumped, until lead singer/bassist Craig Brandt blurted out “Captain Jack.” Delirious at the prospect of finally getting out of the garage and into the “glamorous” life of a working band, the rest eagerly concurred on the spot.

Despite the risk of becoming known as the “All Jack” agency (Jeannie’s biggest client was ‘Applejack’), she agreed to give the boys a shot, and the ensuing nerve-wracked gig at the Liberty High School prom on November 1, 1974 officially launched the band into a thrilling four-year rock’n’roll ride through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming and western Canada.

After Rasmussen left the band in late ‘75, Dan Brown took over on the keyboards, with Dave Cebert taking his spot in 1978. When Cebert and Brandt left the band to join ‘Madrigal’ later that year, Captain Jack hung it up, with founding members Gary Hanson and Rick Wakefield going on to form ‘Lion.’

Years later, the other founding members of Brandt and Rasmussen converged in Seattle, forming the power pop outfit ‘VHF’ in 1982.

September 2001

Captain Jack "On The Road" Memorabilia

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Credits: Craig Brandt, Jon Rasmussen
Band # 568