Seated – Arnie Bruverus, George Simanis, Jeff Million    Back Row – David Geoghegan, Brad Davidson, Greg Rowe, Ron Green
Photo Courtesy of David Geoghegan

Capt. Midnite
Seattle, Washington
1972 -1975


Rob Bergman ~ Percussion, Vocals
Steve Boyce ~ Bass
Arnie Bruverus ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Larry Congram ~ Trombone, Saxophone, Keyboards, Vocals
Terry Dahlgren ~ Drums
Brad Davidson ~ Trumpet, Guitar, Vocals
David Geoghegan ~ Bass, Trumpet, Vocals
Ron Green ~ Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals
Jeff Million ~ Trumpet
Greg Rowe ~ Drums, Vocals Vocals
George Simanis ~ Saxophone, Flute

Captain Midnite - photo courtesy of Rob Bergman
Courtesy of Rob Bergman

The group was originally formed as a quartet in early 1972 with David Geoghegan on Bass, Trumpet and Vocals, Ron Green on Guitar, Trumpet and Vocals, Brad Davidson on Trumpet, Guitar and Vocals and Greg Rowe on Drums and Vocals.  By the end of 1972 the band had expanded to seven by adding Arnie Bruverus on Keyboards and Vocals, George Simanis on Sax and Flute and Jeff Million on Trumpet. The band began touring the United States and Canada extensively.

In 1973 Brad Davidson left the group to go back to college. George Simanis also left the group and was replaced by Larry Congram on Trombone, Sax, Keyboards and Vocals. The group remained the same for the next two years until Rob Bergman join in 1975 on Percussion and Vocals.

Capt’ Midnite worked constantly and enjoyed an exciting four years. The band broke up in 1975 with David Geoghegan, Arnie Bruverus and Larry Congram going to Portland to form Marcom Bridge.

I don't know what ever happened to the rest of the guys. For the last 15 years I have been involved in the design and manufacture of digital audio, video, lighting and show control products used in every major theme park in the world. We also provide Las Vegas and the entire casino industry with their systems.

David Geoghegan, April 2002

Front: David Geoghegan, Ron Green -  Middle: George Simanis, Brad Davidson, Jeff Million - Rear: Arnie Bruverus, Greg Rowe
Photo Courtesy of David Geoghegan

Front: Ron Green, David Geoghegan - Middle: Jeff Million, Larry Congram - Rear: Ron Bergman, Greg Rowe, Arnie Bruverus
Photo Courtesy of David Geoghegan

Front: Ron Green, David Geoghegan - Middle: Larry Congram, Jeff Million - Rear: Greg Rowe, Arnie Bruverus
Photo Courtesy of David Geoghegan

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Credits: David Geoghegan, Steve Tuba, Bill Crammatte, Rob Bergman, Tom Linscott

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