Dave Reeves, Joe Cox, Lesley Byrd, Ron Watters, Steve Moore, Carmel Watters
The Carmel Watters Band
Seattle, Washington
1981 - 1987


Bill Adams ~ Bass, Vocals
Leslie Byrd ~ Keyboards
Joe Cox ~ Bass
Cary Fly ~ Guitar
Tim Kelliher ~ Drums
John Kirch ~ Keyboards
John "Taffy" Lloyd-Jones ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Macko ~ Bass, Vocals
Steve Moore ~ Guitar
Bob Patterson ~ Guitar
Dave Reeves ~ Drums, Vocals
Chuck Ruff ~ Drums
Ron Sanders ~ Guitar
Mike Smith ~ Bass
Jeff Stephens ~ Keyboards
Carmel Watters ~ Vocals
Ron Watters ~ Guitar


Steve Broshears ~ Sound, Lights
Randy Wilbur ~ Sound, Lights
Bev Smith ~ Sound, Lights
Rich Jundt ~ Lights

The Carmel Watters Band was based out of Seattle and spanned the years from the early eighties to about 1987.  Band members came and went, but for about three years from 1984 to 1986 we had a relatively stable lineup that kept us playing from Bellingham to Missoula to Eugene, and all points in between.

The Band was started by Ron and Carmel Watters and generally worked six nights a week for about fifty weeks out of the year.  Carmel had a great bluesy voice, so even though we were playing mostly eighties cover tunes, there was a strong R&B undercurrent.  She covered everything from Tina Turner to Van Halen, as we worked to introduce our own material.

We eventually attracted the attention of a production company in LA, and Carmel was signed to a record deal.  The album was recorded at Indigo Ranch Recording Studio in Malibu, CA with help from hired studio guns such as Roland Bautista of Earth Wind and Fire, and Kenny Gradney from Little Feat.  Despite a lot of hard work and creative effort, the album was never released, but we continued to play the club circuit throughout the Northwest.

I don't have any photos of the band, but if others do, they're welcome to send them in to this site.  I left the band in about 1986, but I know they continued on for quite some time after that.  Although there were many others before and after myself, during my years in the band the line-up included the above players.

We spent most of our time in Seattle, Yakima, Spokane and Missoula, but made excursions as far north as Kamloops, Canada and as far south as Amarillo, Texas.  Our best days, however, were in the half a dozen bars we called home in Seattle.  While many of us have gotten out of the music business by this point, I believe a few members are still playing professionally.  Hopefully they will chime in with photos and anecdotes upon finding this site.  It was great fun while it lasted.

John Lloyd-Jones, June 2007

Courtesy of Dave Reeves
Between June of 1981, and February of 1985, these are the people I remember being connected with the band:

Steve Moore-Guitar
Ron Sanders-Guitar
Bob Patterson-Guitar
Leslie Byrd-Keyboards
Jeff Stephens-Keyboards
Joe Cox-Bass
Mike Smith-Bass
Steve Broshears-Sound/Lights
Randy Wilbur-Sound/Lights
Bev Smith-Sound/Lights
Rich Jundt-Lights
Cary Fly-Guitar

The original lineup {June of 81'} was Steve Moore, Joe Cox, Leslie Byrd, Carmel Watters, Ron Watters, who were married at the time, and myself, Dave Reeves. Also, Steve Broshears.

Leslie and Joe left and were replaced with Jon Kirch and Mike Smith. Steve Moore left and was replaced by Ron Sanders. Mike Smith and Jon Kirch left, and they were replaced by Bill Adams and Jeff Stephens. Jon Kirch would return at a later date. Ron Sanders left and was replaced with Bob Patterson. {Jeff and Bob were out of Spokane, Wa} Jeff left and was replaced by Jon Kirch, while Bob left us in Alaska and was replaced {temporarily} by Cary Fly. Bob and Jeff joined the Cads of Badness, in Spokane.

If memory serves me right, Cary was replaced with Taffy Lloyd Jones. Bill Adams was replaced by John Macko. Steve Broshears was the original sound and light tech. Randy Wilbur joined to do lights, so Steve could concentrate on sound. Steve left and also joined the Cads in Spokane. I think Randy was solo for a while, {lights and sound} then Bev Smith joined to do sound and Randy did lights. Randy later left and Rich Jundt filled his spot. The time period with all of this is June of 81' through February of 85'.

I met my wife to be in Spokane at the Rocking Horse Saloon in April of 82'.  We married in December of 84' and have been together now for 23 years.  We have a beautiful 12 year old daughter.  I left the music business in 1989. I'm driving tractor/trailer for a window company in Spokane now. Life is good. Hello Taffy!!!

Dave Reeves, July 2007

Carmel Watters on YouTube

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Credits:  John Lloyd-Jones, Dave Reeves, Bautista
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