Northwest Dance & Music Venues

Carpenter's Hall
West Seattle, Washington
Some of the bands that this place during the early years of NW rock and roll were:

Roy Orbison
The Pied Pipers


One Saturday in 1964 while I was working at Ford's Music in Eastgate a Trailer House with an engine (now known as an RV) drove into the music store parking lot and 4 people got out and came into the store.  They told me that they were the band for Roy Orbison and that they Roy Orbison was scheduled to play at a dance at Carpenter's hall that night.  They bought some strings and sticks, loaded back in their vehicle and took off.  Later in the day I heard an ad on KJR announcing the Orbison gig, thus verifying my customer's story.

Orbison was a major recording artist so after work I hightailed it to the show.  I didn't realize that Bobby Goldsborough was the bass player in the band.

The Northwest must have had their radios turned off that day because there were only 10 people at the show.  But, like the trooper that he was, Orbison played his butt off for 3 hours.

Tom Dietz, February 2004

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Credits:   Tom Dietz, John Gordon