The Cascades - Image Courtesy of Kent Miller
The Cascades
Lakewood, Washington
1962 - 1963


Kent Miller ~ Drums
Tom Pegues ~ Guitar
Don Ellison ~ Saxophone
Al Pederson ~ Bass
Art Pederson ~ Rhythm Guitar

The Cascades - Image Courtesy of Kent MillerIn the Cascades I played a Jazzmaster through a brown faced Vibrolux 2x10.   My drummer was Kent Miller.  On bass and rhythm were two brothers who's last name was Peterson, I think.  Saxophone was a fellow whose first name was Don.  We used the standard PA most others used, a Bogen 35 with a couple of horns.  We played Wailers material like most other bands. I remember the Iridescence and Shifters. I also remember the Sonics at St. Mary's. I left Lakewood spring of 64'.

My father retired and we moved to Montgomery, Alabama, where I went to College.  In College I met some guys who shared my love for R&B and we formed a band called ( believe it or not ) The Fabulous Regents!  Total coincidence!  We played the frat circuit in Alabama and were really outlaws.

My third band was a very commercial outfit who enjoyed a brief run with A&M Records.  We traveled under various names and opened shows for their recording artists.  We played a lot in the beach clubs in the Florida Panhandle.  We were great players but not much originality! We had a couple of twins who sang lead and fronted the band.  It was a great novelty but A&M used us up and wore us out.

I did keep my ear to the ground down in Alabama for a couple of years hoping to see the Wailers break out and become a super group.  But I guess they could not get into the mainstream as a commercial vocal group.  In my mind they were at their top with their album " Wailers At The Castle".  What a powerful dance band!  Those were the days!

The Cascades - Images Courtesy of Kent Miller

One thing that signaled a change and made a MAJOR impression on me as a musician was a band we did a show with at the McChord Teen Club.  It was shortly before I left the area.  The band could have been the Iridescence.  So long ago I can't remember! But they did a set playing every song on the Beatles first Album and brought the house down!  I knew that the olds days were gone forever!

After my stint with A&M,  I got married and it was the weekend Holiday Inn circuit for me.  I did some studio work along the way but have not played professionally since 1980.

I still consider myself a Pacific Northwest Rocker and I am sure you can identify with that!  Those days were magic!

Tom Pegues, April 2006

Thank You for setting up and maintaining this site.  It is WONDERFUL.  I played in both The  Cascades and The Shifters  62-63-64.

Kent Miller, March 2014

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Last Update:  16 April 2014
Credits:  Tom Pegues, Kent Miller
Band # 1948