Northwest Dance & Music Venues

Casey’s Corral
New Meadows, Idaho

Some of the bands that this place during those great years of NW music were:

Dick Cates and the Chessmen
The Wailers

Others  ??

Pat Patorey also had Casey’s Corral in New Meadows, ID. For several years.    A fine old dance hall just 11 miles North of McCall, Idaho on Payette Lake.  I believe it was the summer of ’63  and ’64 the Chessmen played there every Saturday night and the people would just come in from all over the mountains and little towns as well as from Boise.  Pat also had us up to Casey’s in Lewiston several times.

John Arant, December 2005

The Wailers played there.  It was in the mid-1960's, I think.  I was quite young...12 or so.  I begged to go to Casey's Corral and my dad was very worried as he said it was a "fire trap."  My sister and I begged more and my dad took us all around the old board building showing us all the exits and ways to get out.  I promised him I would stand right by the exit door and just listen...but I danced with my eye on all the doors and watching/thinking about "fire" the whole time.

 J. Dryden, November 2006

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Last Update: 28 November 2006
Credits:  John Arant, J. Dryden