The Castels at the Seattle Space Needle
Ricky, Wally, Frankie, Larry, Peter, and Paul
The Castels
Seattle, Washington
1963 - 1965


Paul Belgrave ~ Bass
Frank Arlo Emerson ~ Saxophone
Pete Hallgrimson ~ Drums
Chuck Harcus ~ Electric Piano
Walter "Wally" Ness ~ Hammond M3 Organ
Rick Nordquist ~ Guitar
Larry Wilson ~ Trumpet

In an effort to keep up with the times, we got rid of the horns and changed our name to the Hay Market Square Riot towards the end of '65.

Frank Emerson, November 2003

The Castels at the Space Needle (Fall of '65).  (Left to right:  Ricky, Wally, Frankie, Larry, Peter, and Paul)  It looks like we're doing Ooh Pooh Pah Doo.  The Outfits:  Tom Jones shirts with detachable lace ruff - custom designed by Brocklind's Costume.  Green suede vests - custom designed by Western Leather in the Pike Place Market.  Green Suede Fink Boots - special order from Nordstrom/Best.  (Each one of our Dads independently coined the same term for them - Fink Boots)  Iridescent gold/brown/green rayon slacks - Bernie's Mens Wear.

Frank Emerson, March 2005

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Last Update: 9 December 2009
Credits: Frank Emerson, Peter Hallgrimson
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