The Cavaliers
Spokane, Washington
1962 - 1965


Pat Brookhart ~ Drums, Vocals
Dan Brown ~ Bass Guitar, Organ, Vocals
Denny Janson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Rapp ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Terry Shaver ~ Guitar

The Cavaliers were formed in 1962 with all members hailing from the Spokane area. The Cavaliers were one of the first live bands to begin the rock and roll band era at local high school dances in the Spokane Valley.  Other venues included North Idaho Junior College just across the boarder, as the high school band played for the college crowd. There was always a "battle of the bands" in Spokane.

These were fun days and people just wanted to dance.  Songs like "Busy Body", Jimmy Hanna and the Dynamics were always on our regular song list.  Other songs such as "Gloria", "Louie Louie" a couple of times, "Green Onions", "Wipe Out", "Twist and Shout" were expected favorites.  Local musical influences of the Pacific Northwest included the Wailers, Kingsmen, Ventures, Merrilee Rush, Paul Revere, Jimmy Hanna & the Dynamics as well as the stuff that was gaining notoriety from California, especially the surf tunes. This was a unique time to be alive.

Denny Janson, March 2002

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Last Update:  25 May 2012
Credits: Dennis Janson, Terry Shaver
Band # 729