CC & Co., Photo Courtesy of Rich Chapman
CC & Co.
Snohomish, Washington
2003 - Present


Al Atlas ~ Baritone Saxophone
Margaret Burke ~ Piano, Vocals
David "Freightrain" Chapman ~ Drums
Rich Chapman, Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Culler ~ Bass
Raven Humphres ~ Saxophone
Marvin Johnson ~ B3 Hammond
Dan Jubee ~ Saxophone
Jim McLaughlin ~ Harp
Tony Messina ~ Bass
Polly O'Keary ~ Bass, Vocals
Mike Write ~ Guitar

CC & Co., Photo Courtesy of Rich Chapman

C C & Co is David Chapman and Rich Chapman and great players from the Northwest.  C C & Co was created after my brother, Sam, left the Cadillac Brothers.. and moved to Hawaii.

I had been hearing about this drummer with the same last name for many years and one day we met at a jam and it all seemed to fit... so we started to play together and host jams as C C & Co and grew as close as brothers even though we have different parents, we are brothers.  When C C & Co goes out to play we draw from the great players in the area and go as an all-star blues band.  We also showcase great players like Laurette Langille, Johny Brewer, Texas Jimmy D. HamBone Willson, Jim McLaughlin and many more Northwest. blues players we mostly play blues fests and bigger venues,. we've had some great alumni like Kenny Prier, Jimmy Culler, Polly O'Keary, and more.

C C & Co is striving to keep the blues alive and well in the Northwest.

Rich Chapman, April 2005

CC & Co., Photo Courtesy of Rich Chapman
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this group include: Rocky Vasalino Show, Cadillac Brothers, Big Daddy and the Cruisers, The Fantastic Orange, Pendulum, The Third Degree, Gotcha, Park Ranger & The Bears,  and many other NW bands.

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Last Update: 23 April 2005
Credits:  Richard Chapman
Band # 1701<