Hank, Anne, Billy, Dick and Bobby - Circa '71 - '72
Dick Caldwell and The Celebrities
Seattle, Washington
1968 - 1972


Dick Caldwell ~ Saxophone, Comedian, Vocals
Connie Gilger-Robison ~ Vocals
Becca Lavin ~ Vocals
Ann Murphy ~ Vocals
Jim Sommerville ~ Drums
Bobby Summers ~ Bass, Vocals
Billy Wells ~ Guitar, Vocals
Hank ? ~ Drums

In Memory of

Bobby Summers

Dick Caldwell and The Celebrities is another NW band during the late  60's and  early 70's. The bandleader was from Lake Charles, LA, but the band was based in the Northwest.

The group played the showroom circuit, such as the Edgewater Inn in Seattle, Ocean Shores Inn in Ocean Shores and the Elks Club in Renton. They also played in Las Vegas and all over the western states and as far north as Edmonton, Alberta.  We also did a bunch of gigs backing accordionist and entertainer Dick Contino.

Bobby Summers, June 2006

In ''70 and ''71, I sang with Dick Caldwell and the Celebrities.  There was another female vocalist with the group when I joined them, Becca Lavin.  I have tried in vain to contact Becca or her brother, who was also in a group in that area.

Becca and I were with the Celebrities before Bobby Summers and Anne Murphy.  We met Anne when she was in another band playing in Thailand while we played the same hotel.  She didn't join Dick until he had gone through two other singers after Becca and me.

Would anybody happen to have any information on Becca or her brother, and possibly a contact?  If so, please contact The Web Slave

Connie Gilger-Robison, August 2006

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Last Update:  25 February 2013
Credits: Bobby Summers, Connie Gilger-Robison
Band # 2000