Cement CIty Cowboys - Image courtesy of Danny Mack
Lee Stephens, Brent Shindel
Gary Comeau, Peter Hamelin, Danny Mack, Jim Wilson
Cement City Cowboys
Vancouver, British Columbia
1974 - 1978


Ian Berry ~ Saxophone, Keyboards
Gary Comeau ~ Fiddle
Chris Dahl ~ Drums
Carl Erickson ~ Saxophone, Flute, Guitar, Vocals
Peter Hamelin ~ Drums
Danny Mack ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Rutter ~ Bass
Brent Shindell  ~ Guitar, Vocals
Lee Stephens ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim Wilson ~ Steel
Al Wullum ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Ian Berry
Peter Hamelin

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Last Update:  12 July 2013
Credits: Danny Mack, B.J. Cook, Dan Smith

Band #  2207