The Centaurs
Richmond, British Columbia
1964 ~ 1968


Robert "Bob" Brown ~ Organ
John Gedak ~ Drums
Louis Pitre ~ Organ
Hugh Reilly ~ Guitar
Al West ~ Bass
Ron Williams ~ Vocals


Don Moss

Polydor Records - 45 ~ Kicks/Be Happy
Moxie Records - Dutch Compilation LP 1967
"Flight To Lowlands Paradise" Kicks


In Memory of

Ron Williams

d:  22 March 2015

Centaurs in the Okanagen - 1965 - Photo Courtesy of John Gedak
Centaurs - 1965
"There is no doubt that the Centaurs was the top rock band in Vancouver in the early 60's.  There were some great R&B bands but we were the most popular rock band with the kids.  We were the first long-haired band to the point where some restaurants wouldn't even serve us.  Our music influenced a lot of young musicians in Vancouver who went on to bigger and better things as the music industry grew in Canada.  I know that we inspired groups like the Wintersgreen who became Trooper and Sunshyne a precursor to Prism, and a young man who played in a group called the Spectre, Bruce Fairbairn, went on to be a record producer.  He produced Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and would have done much more except, unfortunately, he died at a young age.

I think the Centaurs was the only Canadian band that was a big hit in Holland and Germany in the 60's.  We were always number one when we went on stage and we always gave it 100 percent.  I wouldn't change those years for anything.  I think that there are still fans out there that remember us and it's nice that, through this website, they can know we (the band) are all still alive and kicking.  I just turned 60! but I can still rock and roll." 

Ron Williams,  January 2006


Louie, Ron, John, Al, Hugh

Poster image courtesy of Alan Burns
Centaurs Handbill - Image Courtesy of John Gedak


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Last Update:  14 January 2017
Credits: Ed Nadorozny, Annette Linhart, John Gedak, Ron Williams, Alan Burns, Rick Hill, Louise Pitre, Bill Moore

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