CG & The Brothers
Vancouver, British Columbia
1965 - 1968


Art Glowachuck ~ Guitar, Vocals
Carl Graves ~ Percussion, Vocals
Al Kisby ~ Keyboards
Marty McKinney ~ Bass
John "Zap" Zaplotinsky ~ Guitar
Chester "John" ? ~ Drums

“CG and the Brothers” was the house band for Gordon Neighborhood House in downtown Vancouver (Canada) around 1966-1968 when Emery Barnes was “Head of the House”.

The band played some of the Saturday night dances at GNH and some house parties.  This was the Vancouver band where Carl Graves got his start.

There are no known pictures of the group.

Best times were during the informal Wednesday night jam sessions.

 Marty McKinney, July 2007

Vancouver was the band's home town and the band was the house band for Gordon Neighborhood House in the West End of Vancouver.

Carl came up from L. A. a while back to perform at the Red Robinson Theatre in the “Groove Yard Reunion” with the Night Train Review.  It was good to touch base with him again after so many years.  He is now into producing for his two sons.

We were a strange assortment of members in the band as we practiced and played gigs together but our social lives were completely different.

We were in essence a garage band.  We were bad, but we had a good time and the people who showed up at the dances enjoyed coming to see us.

Marty McKinney, September 2010

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