Chad Mitchell Trio
Spokane, Washington
1958 - 1967
2005 - Present


David Boise
John Denver
Joe Frazier
Michael Johnson
Joe Kobluk
Jim McGuinn ~ Guitar, Banjo
Chad Mitchell
Mike Pugh


Jacob Ande ~ Guitar
David (Jake) Ander ~ Guitar
Jim Atlas ~ Bass
Dennis Collins ~ Guitar
Erik Darling ~ Banjo
John Frigo ~ Bass
Bob Hefferan ~ Guitar
Fred Hellerman ~ Guitar
Norman Keenan ~ Bass
Bruce Langhorne ~ Guitar
Bill Lee ~ Bass
Clyde Lombardi ~ Bass
Vic Messer ~ Guitar
Paul Prestopino ~ Guitar, 12 String, Banjo, Mandolin
Pete Soloway ~ Acoustic Bass

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The original group was formed by Gonzaga University students and Glee Club members William Chadbourne Mitchell (from Spokane, WA), Mike Kobluk (from Trail, BC), and Mike Pugh (from Pasco, WA).  The current lineup is: Chad Mitchell, Mike Kobluk and Joe Frazier.

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