Image Courtesy of Phil Bilodeau
Seattle, Washington
1970 - 1973


Phil Bilodeau ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Tom Brimm ~ Bass
John Hodgkins ~ Saxophone, Harp, Vocals
Brian Hutchinson ~ Drums
Darrell Morris ~ Guitar, Vocals

CHAMELEON:  A Northwest band in the late 70's.

Members included:

        JOHN HODGKINS, Singer-Sax and Harps, living in Seattle.

        DARRELL MORRIS., Guitar player and singer.  He is currently living in the Northwest

        Bass player: TOM BRIMM, Bass, later worked with Northwest favorite, Two slim and the Tail draggers. He is currently living in the northwest.

        PHIL BILODEAU, Keyboardist and singer.  He is currently working with northwest classic rock and Blues band SLACKDADDY, based out of the Wenatchee Valley

       BRIAN HUTCHINSON, Drummer.  He is currently living in Seattle.

Members went on to work in, or form parts of other bands which include; Two Slim and the Tail Draggers; The Morris Brothers: The John Hogkins Group: Drivin' Wheel: The SlackMasters; Cahoots: Hip Pocket: and many more. Members are all still working musicians in the Northwest.

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