The Chandelles
Tacoma, Washington
1964 - 1965


Genie Allen ~ Vocals
Sue Isekite ~ Vocals

Sue Isekite McNulty - Photo Courtesy of Sue Isekite
Sue Isekite McNulty

The Chandelles sang with Tacoma's Regents in 1964 and 1965.  They added tremendously to the flexibility and reputation of the band.  The Regents lost contact with the "girls" for many years but eventually found them by 2003.  Genie lives in Texas and Sue in Washington.

Unknown to the band members, "Our Little Susie" was the top female vocalist  in Star Search in the late 1980's.  She still has an incredibly strong voice as evidenced by the clip playing on this page when Sue joined the Regents to perform at Cheney Stadium, Tacoma, in 2003 at the Louie Louie Fest.  Backing up Sue were two band "daughters", Heidi (Sue's daughter) and Traci (Rich Liebe's daughter).  The recording was captured on a hand-held recorder in the audience.

Sam Carlson, Maryland, September 2005

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Last Update:  29 September 2005
Credits:  Genie Allen, Sammy Carlson, Dave Roland, Rich Liebe, Sue Isekite McNulty
Band # 0043