Image courtesy of Bill Edwards, May 2014
The Chandels
Anchorage, Alaska
1963 - 1965


Carl Bradford ~ Bass ('64 - '65)
John Edwards ~ Rhythm Guitar
John Everson ~ Bass ('63 - '64)
Rupert Jones ~ Drums
Dave Smith ~ Lead Guitar

The above color photo of the Chandels is from probably 1964.  My brother, John Edwards, is the rhythm guitarist on the right.  Here they are in their Rickenbacker phase (after their Fender phase)

My mother sewed the plaid tunics for the band.  After all this is the era of the early Beatles and Dave Clark Five when everyone suited up the same.

Bill Edwards, May 2014

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Last Update:  28 September 2014
Credits:  Carl Bradford, Bill Edwards, Dave Smith
Band # 3063