Churchill High - 1968
The Changin' Times
Rhythm & Blues Band
Vancouver, British Columbia
1967 - 1969


Kenny Anderson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Al Wilmott ~ Vocals
Brian Brown ~ Keyboards
Johnny Sing (a.k.a.Johnny Gee) ~ Bass
Calvin Kantonen ~ Drums

In Memory of

Johnny Sing
d:  2006

A little bit about our band The Changin' Times Rhythm & Blues Band...  We were all Vancouver, BC.  We were Sir Winston Churchill Senior Secondary School grads of  '66  & '67.  We were totally into the Brit Pop / Rock / R & B scene of the day.


The picture in the school gym was a sock hop at my old alma mater, Churchill High (Vancouver west side) in the fall of 1968.  Other pictures were at a Marpole Community Center (Vancouver West Side) dance in 1969. Those are really old pictures developed by students in the Churchill high school graphic arts classroom.

My absolute fondest memories were playing almost weekly at UBC Fraternity parties and UBC Nurses residence mixers.  I imagine those girls probably had more fun than they do at most other colleges for nursing.

Almost all band members were UBC students & Fraternity members (Kappa Sigma, Dekes, Fiji's) so we all had a real "in" when it came to getting UBC Campus gigs....and getting paid good $$$ in those days!!

We played two back-to-back (1968 and 1969) Fiji House "Grass Skirt" parties where all the Fiji Frat house members came in just that...1/2 naked in just grass skirts.  Think Toga party / beer kegs / " Animal House" craziness!!!  Many a girl lost her innocence at those gigs... that was the peak of the Fraternity FUN!!

As with most of the "60's-Garage-Band-Rock-star wannabees" graduation / careers / marriage / kids / divorce / re-marriage de-railed our "dreams of fame", but... I still continue to crank up my (Mexican) Strat and remember nostalgically those fun times!!

Many thanks for bringing back memories of all the old Pacific Northwest bands from the 60's/70's.


Kenny Anderson, June 2008

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Credits:  Kenny Anderson

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