Top:  Joe Recla, Glenn Hashitani, John Griffith
Bottom:  Rod Nichols, Doug Davis

Charly Browne's All Stars
Ontario, Oregon
1967 ~ 1968


Glenn Hashitani ~ Vocals*
Doug Davis ~ Organ*
Joe Recla ~ Bass*
Rod Nichols ~ Guitar*
John Griffith ~ Drums*
Grant Amano ~ Guitar
Jeff Sutton ~ Drums
Mark Mason ~ Bass

Mike Wallace ~ Vocals
(Guest Musician - 2006)

* Original Members

At the Community Center, Baker, Oregon
New Years Eve - 1967

August 2009 - Ontario Armory Reunion

Jeff Sutton

Joe Recla

Rod Nichols

John Griffith

Glenn Hashitani

Doug Davis

John and Rod

Jeff, Joe, Glenn, Doug and Rod - August 2009 - Ontario Armory Reunion

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Last Update:  18 July 2010
Credits:  Rod Nichols, Doug Davis, Mike Wallace
Band # 360