Cherry Fizz - 1971 - Photo taken at Sea West Studios during a recording session - Courtesy of Gordon Kjellberg
Bill, Bob

Cherry Fizz
Seattle, Washington
1969 - 1972


Rick Bullard ~ Bass
Bob Holden ~ Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Bill Hornibrook ~ Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Gordon Kjellberg ~ Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Andy Parypa ~ Bass

In Memory of

Rick Bullard
Paul Buck d:  10 December 2015

Cherry Fizz Logo

Cherry Fizz played mainly at taverns in the Puget Sound region including Baldy's (Edgewood), Little Jim's Pub (Tacoma), etc.

The band played mostly cover songs, with almost none with the correct lyrics, and released one single record on the Fat Chance label with "Tinker Taylor" (Reid) on one side and "Lie Around" written by Bill Hornibrook on the other side.

Bob Holden, July 2011

The top photo was taken in 1971 at Sea West Studios during a recording session.

Bob Holden, October 2011

This was fun group and we never rehearsed, but we played five to seven nights a week for many years and drew big crowds. Cherry fizz was more of a nightly entertainment carnival act that played good music on the side. We were known for our music, but better known for the craziness.  The men's room was behind the stage when we played at Baldy's in Milton, and by taking a microphone into the men's room was "the man in the can interview", part of the nightly show.

We had great vocalists in the band that could really belt out tunes. Bob Holden was extremely funny and would tell jokes and crack everyone up.  Bob was the drummer but also played guitar in the band, and I was the guitar player that also played drums. When Bob played guitar, he mostly played real fast Chuck Berry songs and kept on pushing them faster, he really enjoyed watching me sweat and gasp for air when playing drums.

Bob was also the original drummer for the famous "Don and the Goodtimes". Bill Hornibrook may have been one of the best and most talented musicians in Seattle at the time. Bill was very inventive on the Hammond organ and could also scream on the sax. Bob would also push the tempo when poor Bill played "Yakety Sax".  Rick Bullard (RIP) was the mellow guy in the group that played great bass and also designed many super sounding bass cabinets, a great mind and a real kind person.

I had a day job at Kern's Music and never got enough sleep.  Rick usually drove to the jobs and I would sleep on the back seat of his car on the way home. The only way Rick could wake me was by slamming on his brakes and I would wind up on the floor, Rick would yell, "Gordy, we're here".  Andy Parypa also played bass in the group. What a great bass player and a real privilege to play with the original Sonics' bass player.

I loved all of these guys and have great memories of this band.

Gordy Kjelberg, October 2011

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Credits::  Bob Holden, Gordon Kjellberg (photos)
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