The Third Time Around - Photo Courtesy of Gord Callow
Bob, Gord, Roy, Brian - Victorian Days Celebration in Memorial Arena
This Photo Represents Chinook when they were known as The Third Time Around
Victoria, British Columbia
1972 - 1979


Roy Bosdet ~ Drums
Gord Callow ~ Bass, Vocals
Brian Ferguson ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Bob Meikle  ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals

Bob Meikle and Gord Callow previously performed with The Yeomen and The Third TIme Around.   Roy Bosdet was previously with The Furies, The Peppermint Cyrcle, and The Third TIme Around..  Brian Ferguson performed before with The Peppermint Cyrcle and The Third TIme Around.

Gord Callow, December 2003

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Last Update: 24 December 2003
Credits:  Gord Callow
Band # 1407