(aka:  Kid Blast)
Tacoma, Washington
1970 ~ 1978


Ron Liley, Steve Rick, Ed Peterson, Steve (Ian) Chapman, Gerry Jackson
The First Version of Chinook - Photo By and Courtesy of Scott Jonas

Chinook with drummer Pete Moore - Photo by and Courtesy of Scott Jonas

Chinook with drummer Craig Kelly - Photo by and Courtesy of Scott Jonas

Chinook with drummer Dan Kinkella - Photo by and courtesy of Scott Jonas

This is a picture of two super friends that helped in many ways develop the band publically, (second from the left is Gary Hagness and second from the right is Rick Hansen of KJR Radio)
Photo by and Courtesy of Scott Jonas

Chinook with drummer Dan Kinkella in Lakewood - Photo by and courtesy of Scott Jonas

Image courtesy of Terry Garland
Photo Courtesy of Terry Garland

Photo by and Courtesy of Scott Jonas

Mike's Smokin' Drum Solo
Photo by and Courtesy of Scott Jonas 

This is the lighting and smoke effect we did for the drum solo for the song
“Smoke on the Water” with Zoomhoff.
Photo by and Courtesy of Scott Jonas 



CHINOOK, a group of five good-looking and enthusiastic young guys, hail from the Pacific Northwest. They took their name from an Indian word meaning “A warm wind that blows from the sea”. In a very short time, these talented musicians have created a stir of excitement through the Washington area equal to that of Paul Revere and the Raiders and Jimi Hendrix, both of whom hailed from the Seattle area during the sixties.  Chinook is comprised of STEVE RICK, lead guitar; IAN CHAPMAN, bass guitar; GERRY JACKSON, lead vocals; MIKE ZOOMHOFF, drums; and DANNY KING, organ and background vocals.

The group was formed in September 1969, when these five Seattle musicians, all performing in various local bands became disenchanted at the direction of their artistic progress and former musical involvements. They decided to put their talents together and form one solid working unit.  So, on September 13, 1969 Chinook played their first major gig at Washington’s famed Puyallup War Memorial Center. They broke all previous records for the hall and were soon being sought after for every major concert, college and high school auditorium in the Washington area and its outlining states.

With their quick rise in popularity, the group signed their first recording deal with the Washington based Valane Record label. Their first release for the label was a Lou Reed composition titled “Rock and Roll” which became a number one hit for Chinook throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their follow-up, “You Lose/Your Promise” never really dented the charts.  In ’73 the group decided to form their own label, which they simply called Chinook Records. Their first and only release on the label was a Hoyt Axton tune titled “Mary Makes Magic”.  It was a self-produced effort which was arranged by Tommy Boyce. The tune turned out to be their second regional smash, reaching number nine on the northwest charts.

It was right after “Mary Makes Magic” that Chinook came to the attention of veteran producer Frank Slay. Slay has proven monumental in building the careers of many recording artists including: Freddie Cannon, Billie and Lillie, The Strawberry Alarm Clock and Sugarloaf. The group decided to drop their own label and sign with Slay’s new independent company, Claridge Records. The group realized that through Claridge they would receive a chance to compete on the national market and not be limited to certain specific areas.  The first release by Chinook on Claridge Records was “Midnight Angel,” which was backed with a very innovative version of the Spector – Barry – Greenwich composition “Da Doo Ron Ron.” The record became the groups third regional hit and also attracted attention in other cities throughout the United States. The group has just released their second Claridge single “It’ll Be Me,” which was written by John Farrar (who wrote Olivia Newton-John’s number one smash “Have You Never Been Mellow”) and Hank Marvin. This tune is already creating shock waves throughout the nation and looks to be their first national smash.  Chinook, five dynamite musicians with distinctive personalities to match, will prove to be a major force of the seventies…and they’ve only just begun!

1975 Chinook Bio courtesy of Scott Jonas